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    10,000 Domino Coins

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    Universal Ticket Fragment

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    Poker Match (100K)Ticket

  • 4th Day

    Poker Match (500K)Ticket

  • 5th Day

    Poker Match (1KK) Rebuy Ticket

  • 6th Day

    Flush of Hearts Pack

  • 7th Day

    iPhone X Tournament Ticket

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Texas Hold'em poker game uses a standard 52-card deck with no jokers. The game starts with each player being dealt two cards face down which are called your “pocket cards”, then 5 community cards are dealt face up on the table. If no winner is determined after all the betting rounds, the players will enter into the showdown. At this point, players reveal their hand and the best hand wins the pot.

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“Showhand” is similar to Texas Hold’em poker game with a twist. Each player is dealt 5 cards to make the best hand possible.Different from Texas, each table of “Showhand” only offers 6 seats. Comparing Hands:Spades > Hearts > Clubs > Diamonds

The dealer takes the middle position to deal cards, leaving the other 5 seats available to other players.Straight Flush > Four of a Kind > Full House > Flush > Straight > Three of a Kind > Two Pairs > One Pair > Odd Card(basically same as that of Texas Hold’em)

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Domino is a family of games played with rectangular "domino" tiles. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its face into two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots (also called pips, nips, or dobs) or is blank.The traditional Sino-European domino set consists of 28 dominoes, featuring all combinations of spot counts between zero and six. A domino set is a generic gaming device, similar to playing cards or dice, in that a variety of games can be played with a set.

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