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GrandWinner Opens Today! September 27th!

2018-09-26 21:35
We are glad to announce that a new server - GrandWinner will open today!
Grand Winner is a new server for players to play card and board games, if you are a card and board games fan, it is your choice! You can play Texas Hold'emDomino and Baccarat in Grand Winner, and more games including One-armed Bandit and BlackJack will be added later. (Notice: Domino game in CO will be removed at the same time!)
You can play the games with free Domino Coins or Silver, the ways to purchase Silver are the same as CO:
(1) Purchase Silver in Shopping Mall in game.
(2) Contact our Distributor in Egypt to purchase Silver.
If you want to purchase large amount of silver, you can also contact via Skype:nina20132888
You will find more information about Grand Winner here.
You can launch the game via TQ Game Center! TQ Game Center will be available at 01:00 on Sep 27th(PST).
After the update, you will see the TQ Game Center interface after running CO play.exe.
How to play?
Click the Grand Winner logo and you see a Play button, click it, if you haven't installed Grand Winner, it will start downloading and install, and Grand Winner will run automatically after that, you can login with your CO account to play directly. You can also double click the Grand Winner logo to run it directly.
Hope you enjoy it!